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Case Study - Escrow Office

Client Overview

An extremely high-volume escrow office was experiencing substantial problems with their computer system. The system was set up by several technicians and vendors, although no one person was responsible for maintenance. Problem resolution was very slow and the end-users received very little support.

User Problems

Users were experiencing substantial problems opening, retrieving, and accessing files with the escrow software. The computers performed slowly, often displaying error messages and pop-up advertisements. The printers would often print with incorrect formatting or would not print at all. On multiple occasions, the internet connection was down for more than one day. On multiple occasions, the e-mail access was down for multiple days per incident. Users did not have remote access from home.

Technical Problems

The escrow software was being served by a home-built computer which had a hardware problem that caused it to restart sporadically. Most of the workstations were infected with viruses and spyware. Many of the e-mail problems were caused by spam filters which were configured incorrectly. Many of the workstations were custom-built and had substantial configuration problems. Much of the software was not licensed properly. Because the internet connection was shared with another office, there were IP Address conflicts on the network which often prevented network usability. The printers were set up with incorrect drivers and were not configured properly with the escrow software. The escrow software required an outdated version of Microsoft Word to be used, which conflicted with the e-mail program Outlook. Users did their own administration and installed their own programs.

Desktronix Solution

We set up a Monthly Service Agreement with a Service Level Guarantee. We took responsibility for managing their vendors and ensuring the computer system functioned properly for day-to-day operations. We removed viruses and standardized the workstations with Windows XP Professional and configured security access levels. We configured Active Directory on the server and Norton Anti Virus Corporate Edition. We set up a dedicated internet connection and a router. We configured the router to allow remote access and configured VPN access from home for staff members. We assisted in the purchase of new printers and integrated them with the computer system. We set up a new VOIP-based phone system and integrated it with the computer system. We implemented SMS to replace their existing escrow software. We created a Disaster Recovery Plan including a 4-hour parts service for the server, redundant internet connection, 6-hour battery backup for server with contingency plan for power failure, and backup system. In addition, we provide Remote desktop support.

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