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Desktronix Private Cloud Backup gives you full protection against

  • Human Error
  • Hard disk failures
  • Viruses
  • Computer Crashes
  • Computer Theft
  • Natural Disasters

How It Works
Private cloud backup is a system that backs up data from your computer to multiple servers through a private mesh network. You simply install a software client on your computer, select files on your computer to back up, set a schedule for backups to occur and the destination sites, and your data will be stored safely offsite and available should you ever need it.

Why It's Secure and Reliable
When each backup is executed, your files are compressed and encrypted and sent to multiple locations. The encryption is so strong that we cannot view your files without your permission. Our servers are in turn backed up with multiple copies. This means that you have multiple copies of your data as well as geographical redundancy which can be built into your Disaster Recovery Plan. All of this means that your important files are being stored in multiple locations with careful scrutiny to security and reliability.

About Our Network
The data center network consists of a private mesh network with multiple different locations, system monitoring, and multiple high-speed internet connections.

Desktronix Emergency Services
DESKTRONIX is available for you 24/7 if you have have an emergency. If your office computers are stolen or completely damaged, we can provide you with on-site recovery services. If you need restore services, you automatically become our highest priority! We will come to your office immediately and do everything we can to bring your system back up. If you have a large amount of data that needs to be restored quickly, we can deliver a copy from our data center and restore it at your office. If you need replacement computers or a new hard drive, we can deliver them to you.

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Got Backup?
Offsite Data Backup
Having an ineffective backup system or no backup system is worse than driving without insurance! Click here for more information on our backup systems.

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