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Do you need a new printer, but don't know which one to buy?
Are you able to print to all of the printers in your office?
Do you know how much you spend for each black & white and color copy you make?

When you purchase a new printer, you will need to decide whether to purchase a laser or inkjet printer, how many DPI and PPM you need, whether you need a parallel or USB interface, and the operating system compatibility of the printer. If you are using the printer on an office network, you may want to share the printer so that everyone in the office can print to it. DESKTRONIX can simplify your decision to purchase a new printer and set it up on your network.

In addition we can help you restrict printing by users and prevent the abuse of printing services by installing a print management system. A print management system enables you to place quotas on users and produce reports and track printing expenses against budgets. You can even charge users on a per-page basis for printing similar to the way a Kinkos would charge. This type of system is ideal for high-print environments, public computing environments, internet cafes, and document centers.

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