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Is Your Computer System Holding You Back?

How much time and money do you lose, dealing with computer problems?

By setting up your system right the first time and maintaining it properly, your system will be reliable. When your system is down or not working properly, you lose money because your staff cannot be productive. These soft costs raise the Total Cost of Ownership for your computer system.

Do you perform routine maintenance on your system?
Check backup logs and do test restore
Check UPS battery
Virus Update & Scan
Check event logs on servers
Do disk scan and defragmentation
Check disk space

By setting up your system right the first time, doing these maintenance tasks, and following best-practices for managing your system, you can prevent many different problems from happening. Although these do not guarantee that you will not have any problems, you will be prepared for any situation and problems will be resolved much faster.

Your computer system contains many hidden costs that you might be unaware of. Learn about
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