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Do you call your secretary for scheduling and contacts when you are out of the office?
Do you manage all of your appointments on paper?
Have you ever missed an appointment because of a scheduling snafu?

Take control of your schedule with a Mobile Device! A Mobile Device is a smartphone or tablet that helps to keep you organized and connected on the go. It stores your schedule, contacts, and notes, and e-mail. Newer Mobile Devices are actually miniature computers that let you watch videos, listen to music, write documents and view documents and e-mail that are stored on your computer. In addition, many have industry-specific applications. Real estate appraisers can use mobile devices to enter information about a specific property. Doctors use mobile devices to access a drug database when prescribing medications.

Increasingly used by businesspeople, a smartphone is a combination computer and cell phone. Many normal cell phones are starting to include smartphone-like functions including playing music, mobile e-mail, web access, and taking photos and videos. Before you purchase a new cell phone or smartphone, DESKTRONIX recommends that you take a look at the user ratings for your phone at C|Net.

DESKTRONIX can help you select the mobile devices that best meet your needs, set it up to work with your computer system, and customize it to do just what you want. Contact DESKTRONIX for a free phone consultation.

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