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Dear Business Manager,

If you are absolutely fed up with the number of spam e-mails you get everyday, then please read on.

We’re Waging War Against Spam For Our Clients!

Just recently, we polled our clients to find out what their biggest frustration with is with their computer network. Not too surprisingly, an overwhelming number of you said spam was the single biggest problem you experience on a day to day basis.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch a war on spam for our clients by offering a FREE 15-minute phone consultation and a FREE one-month trial to our powerful new spam-killing solution.

Why Most Spam Software Doesn't Work

When spam first started to become a business problem, the first remedy was to block certain keywords likely to contain spam. The spammers retaliated by misspelling certain words such as M0rtgage and vi@gra. Newer software responded by blocking sites known to send out spam. The spammers responded by hacking into individual computers and large corporations in order to take advantage of their good reputation. The cycle continues to evolve as software programmers find a new way to block spam and the spammers invent a new way to get past the filter.

Most spam software simply doesn’t work because it has not been updated to deal with new types of spam attacks or because the technology itself is incapable of protecting against these new attacks. In addition, some software is so high-maintenance or difficult to use that users abandon it in favor of simply deleting the messages as they arrive each day.

We have found that for a spam solution to work, it must be easy to use, adaptable to new techniques, low-maintenance, and customizable to the preferences of each user.

Our Capabilities

DESKTRONIX has consulted on and used nearly every type of spam-filtering technology on the market. These include desktop software, server software, network hardware devices, and outside service providers. We have found some solutions to be simply too aggressive – they block the spam but they also block way too much legitimate e-mail. Some of the solutions do not block spam for webmail or mobile users with Blackberrys, Treos, or iPhones. Some do not give options to block specific e-mail addresses or keywords. Others are effective, but way too expensive for smaller businesses.

We highly recommend the phone consultation below so you can leverage our experience with these products and save time and effort evaluating solutions that are doomed to fail in your office environment.

What Is The Full Impact?

  • Recent market surveys show that 87% of all viruses enter a company network via an employee e-mail.
  • If each employee in a 20-person office spends 15 minutes each day filtering spam and their time is valued at $20/hour, the company spends $2000 per month so that everyone can filter their own spam.
  • Lack of filtering makes it difficult to access legitimate e-mails
  • Customer service: Slower e-mail response time
  • Spoof (fraud/forgery) attempts can leak confidential information. Fraudulent e-mails sent from people pretending to be eBay, financial institutions, cellular providers, etc. often look very genuine and can trick people into giving up their bank account information, social security number, and credit card numbers.
  • Spam attacks often clog mail servers, cause delays and problems with legitimate e-mail, and increase your administrative costs.
  • Certain types of e-mail attacks leave you open to denial or disruption of e-mail service
  • Your e-mail server could get hacked and your good name and reputation ruined on the internet -- what's worse, you could even be held liable for their actions.

We’ll Show You How To Stop Spammers In Their Tracks

During this free consultation, one of our senior technicians will review your current situation and help you determine which spam solution will work best for your company. We’ll show you how to:

  • Quarantine virus riddled spam before it ever gets to your in-box.
  • Filter spam without blocking important e-mails you want.
  • Keep your e-mail address off the spammer lists.
Free "Spam Stopper" Report Shows You How To Prevent Your E-Mail Address From Falling Into The Wrong Hands

To get you started on the war against spam, we’d like to send you a great new report we recently wrote titled, "5 Simple Ways To Avoid Getting An Avalanche of Spam".
This new report will reveal little-known ways spammers steal your e-mail address and what you can do to stop them dead in their tracks.

To request your FREE Report and FREE phone consultation, simply fill out the form below or give us a call at 1-866-375-8769 x706. We’ll rush a copy of this free report to you and call to set up your free phone consultation.

Good Networking,

Deryck Richards

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