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What is Network Documentation?

Network Documentation is a record of how your system was configured, why it was configured that way, where information is located and how to access parts of the computer system.

Why Do You Need Network Documentation?

Network documentation survives all staff changes and allows for succession. If your system administrator is out or on vacation, it gives a replacement the information necessary to do the job. If your last consultant was fired or simply stopped returning your calls, your new consultant will be able to start off in the right place.

If your computer guy disappeared, would you be able to access the server? Would you be able to make changes to the firewall? Would you be able to check the backup system or install new software? If your answer to any of these questions is no, it will be expensive and disruptive to make any changes in this situation.

What Must Be Documented?

  1. Network Information. This includes information on your local area network, internet connection, specific computers and devices on the network including passwords.
  2. Machine Build. When you get a new computer, what steps must be taken to make it usable on the network? What software must be installed and what configuration steps must be set?
  3. License Information. This includes serial numbers, purchase details.
  4. Server Configuration. This includes all information to rebuild a server to a functional state including software location and configuration details.

How often should documentation be updated?

We recommend quarterly updates.

If you have any questions or would like to set up documentation for your system, contact us.

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