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"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Having a firewall, backup system, and virus scanners is absolutely necessary to protect your system, but your system is not secure unless your staff knows how to follow security best practices. Electronic security systems cannot prevent your staff from opening up viruses sent to them in e-mail or giving their passwords to people who pretend to be authorized. Many security practices are not intuitive and thus need to be addressed in a training session.

As a final precaution, give access to your computer on an "as needed" basis. Most people using the computer should not have administrator-level access and should not be allowed to install programs. If you have guests that use your computer, enable the guest account and restrict the types of activities they can do with the system.

Listen for more information on security and privacy.

Desktronix provides security training sessions starting as low as $200. Contact us for more information.

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