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-> Wireless Network (WiFi) Setup

  • Would you like to reduce your wiring mess?
  • Do you need to connect to the internet in places where you can't have cabling?
  • Do you have a laptop that you would like to connect to the internet without plugging it in?
  • Would you like to share internet access with visitors for your meeting room?
  • Do you need internet access in places where you don't have cabling?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a wireless network may be for you.

DESKTRONIX installs wireless networks starting as low as $300. We do all the work including determining compatibility, purchasing and delivering the equipment to your location, performing the installation, securing the network, testing it, and showing you how to use it. Contact DESKTRONIX for a free fixed-price estimate.

Article: Setting Up a Network - Wired or Wireless?

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